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"When Pigs Fly...." Track List and Liner Notes

Blind Lemon Bernie:

A bunch of guitar buddies of mine insist that I look like the dead guy in the movie "Weekend At Bernie's," thus earning me the nickname "Bernie." Since I was trying to get that old Stella 12-string sound with this tune, it only seemed natural that it have a title that includes the words "Blind" and "Lemon." Recorded on a piece of junk 12-string with a crooked neck and strings like bridge cables.


This tune came to me so easy that I was convinced I had heard it before. I pestered my friends for weeks to "name that tune." When no one could, I claimed it. You decide.

Stolen Nail:

Named for the harmonic riff that occurs twice in the tune. Only steal from the best.

Funky Monkey:

True story: While driving in the dead of winter in Nashville, I was flabbergasted to come across a monkey screaming and freezing in a tree by the side of the road. Seems he had escaped from the zoo earlier that day, and I can only imagine that the single thought running through its mind was "What is the hell was I thinking?" Thus was the tune inspired. (With apologies to Michael Hedges.)


This is the only tune on the recording featuring a duet. Larry O'Brien of Timber Wolf wrote the lead melody when I asked him to sit in on this tune. They don't come any better than Larry. This tune is dedicated to my father in-law. To him, everyone on the road was either an idiot or a "wisenheimer." The fact that he was driving 30 mph on the interstate was completely irrelevant to him.

Eddie's Tune:

Sitting and watching my son go up and down the driveway for hours in his home-built coaster go-cart, this tune just came out.

Delta Dale Rag:

Written for a friend of mine who is famous for his socks - he only wears them once. Then, into the trash they go, and he's off to the store to buy some more. You gotta love a guy like that.


My father was an Air Force fighter jock back in the '60s, and my best memories as a kid are of his formation of four F-100s buzzing our house at an altitude of about 80 feet. He'd have the formation "hit the afterburners" as the passed, making the ground shake, windows rattle, pictures fall, dogs howl, cats scream, etc. It was great fun for a kid, but it certainly didn't make us popular with the neighbors.

Skinny Skin:

Another "steal" here.

Anyway (Leo Kottke)

An old and somewhat obscure Kottke tune that was originally played in Open D. For some reason, I really like this tune in Open C.

Whitewater Falls (Live at "WAB")

Inspired by a camping trip and another Kottke tune called "Grim to the Brim." Recorded at the 1998 "Weekend At Bernie's" (WAB), an annual gathering at my place of guitar buddies across the country the Tab Pigs.

Produced by Joe Carpenter. Recorded at Samurai Studio, Nashville Tennessee March 2001. Engineer: Sam Weedman, except for "Whitewater falls, recorded at WAB 1998 by Jason Price of Jasonic's Studio. All songs written by Joe Carpenter and published by TabPig Productions, except "Wisenheimer" co-written with Larry O'Brien, and "Anyway," written by Leo Kottke and published by Bug Music. Used with permission. Contact Info via email: